Helping people know and follow Jesus.

Students (6th – 12th Grade)

IMPACT_blk&orgJoin IMPACT, Grace Community’s youth group!

IMPACT is about partnering with families to help students find and follow Jesus!

IMPACT is available for students in grades 6 through 12. Our regularly scheduled youth group nights are held on Wednesdays from 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm, at Lancaster Mennonite School, New Danville Campus during the school year and at GCC during summer.


Partnering with Parents and Families

We believe that, ideally, parents should be the primary “disciplers” in their student’s life. Therefore, our role is to come along side, empower, and encourage parents. Based on research in this area, we believe this to be most effective method in terms of creating faith that will remain in youth students. In order to do this, we maintain constant contact with parents through email. Please take a minute and sign up for parent emails here (

Biblical Teaching

We believe that crafting relevant messages that our applicable and engaging for a Middle School or High School student is critical. Your student is facing decisions that will shape the direction and course of his or her life. Learning how to use the Bible to guide their life is essential. You can be assured that your student will receive quality teaching each and every week in which they attend IMPACT.

Leading Small

Your child has a unique personality. He or she is made in the image of God and has immense value. Therefore, we believe that we should intentionally create systems and train leaders to lead small. This means that each student has a leader who knows them, cares about them, and connects with them every week in a small group setting. Ideally, your child’s small group leader will become an essential resource to you and a part of your extended family!


We believe that Fun/Time = Connection.  Through games, events, and a positive atmosphere, our youth ministry is designed to foster trust between your student and Christian individuals who care about them. We believe and pray that this will allow your student to feel as though they have someone to turn to in difficult times. Imagine if you could know that, when your student does not come to you for advice (they should but they sometimes do not), they go to an individual who you can trust will guide them in Biblical and practical ways? That is our goal.