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Grace Community Church is the daughter of Grace Evangelical Congregational Church of Lancaster. As the Lancaster Grace Church sought ways to address the future of the aging population of the congregation, following an extensive evaluation of the congregation’s health and mission by Church Growth Center, one of their many recommendations was to plant a church in one of the surrounding suburbs.

A “Task Force” was appointed in January 1995 to study the feasibility and location of a suburban church planting project. By June of 1995, the town of Willow Street was selected as the “home base” for the new church plant. The first worship service was held at the former Thomas Antique Car Museum (current site of the Willow Valley Medical Center) on Sunday, August 13, 1995 with 51 people in attendance, including several visitors.

By God’s grace, the congregation outgrew the former car museum and, in 2000, moved to the Lancaster Christian School gymnasium on Lampeter Road. In the same year, the property at 212 Peach Bottom Road was purchased with a vision of relocating the congregation back to Willow Street. That vision was realized in February 2006 when the current church building was dedicated.

But that’s just the “locational” history of our church. The history of Grace Community Church is also a “relational” history – a history of how an ever-growing group of Christians have deepened their relationship with Jesus Christ and their relationships with one another. Our church’s history is a chronicle of God’s faithfulness and His sovereignty and it is a testimony to God’s willingness and desire to bless His church if we are willing to follow His leading and give Him the glory for all things! It is a story of what can happen when grace is practiced, when people are more important than programs and when God’s Word is our guide for living. And by adhering to those principles, this beautiful family of God known as Grace Community has been formed and we celebrate the lives of those people listed in the pages of this directory and those who are still to join us in the days ahead!